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We always customize our SEO services to the needs of our clients and never sell you more than you need.

We work with our clients to find them the best and most affordable SEO services that work and fit their budgets and help them get on track or back on track after being misled by other companies who promised results that never came.

Our team of SEO professionals, we have worked with and for so many different industries, we can't even list them all.

Master Your Business Growth with Customized & Branded AI Chatbot Solutions!

How Can Chatbot Solutions Handle All Medical Appointment Scheduling, Enhance Lead Generation, Increase Patient or Client Satisfaction & Grand Fork's Businesses Forward Into The Future?

In the heart of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Innovative Media Solutions LLC. stands as a beacon for businesses seeking a digital edge. Much like the art of fishing in the Red River, success in the digital realm requires precision, patience, and the right tools. Our advanced chatbots are your key to unlocking unmatched digital growth.

Why Do Customized Chatbot Solutions Matter to Little Old Grand Forks, ND?

Grand Forks isn’t just any town; it's our town. And while we cherish our deep-rooted traditions and stories, such as the pioneering spirit of the state's first physiatrist (a legacy our CEO is connected to through his grandfather), it's also essential to look ahead.

The age of custom chatbots is upon us. Just as Grand Forks is making a name for itself as the 'Silicon Valley' for drones and UAS, thanks to the commendable program at the University of North Dakota, we have the chance to lead again. By integrating advanced chatbot technologies, we can bring our businesses to the forefront, way ahead of the curve.

Imagine a world where our medical centers, doctor offices, dental practices, alternative medicine, and rehab facilities offer instant, round-the-clock support without human limitations. A world where every inquiry, every scheduling need, and every piece of information is just a chat away.

That's the power of chatbots.

By embracing this tech, we aren’t just adopting a trend; we’re ensuring Grand Forks and the broader Midwest stands tall on the digital map while providing better connection, human connection - to our patients, friends and family members at the same time. We're blending the best of our past with the promises of the future, proving that while we cherish our roots, we're not afraid to soar.

What Are Specific Industry Applications:

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Real Estate Uses For Chatbots

Real Estate Agents and Agencies: Automated Property Tour Scheduling: Our chatbots can schedule property tours for potential buyers, coordinating with your calendar to find the best time slots.

Virtual Tour Integration: Seamlessly integrate your virtual tour platforms with our chatbot, offering a comprehensive property viewing experience to clients.

Healthcare Provider Chatbot Solutions (HIPAA Compliant)

Healthcare Providers & HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Scheduling: Our chatbots are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring secure and confidential appointment scheduling.

Patient Data Privacy: Maintain the utmost privacy and confidentiality of patient data with our secure chatbot solutions.

Car and Automotive Dealership Chatbots

Car or Automotive Dealerships Inventory Queries: Enable customers to inquire about available car models, features, and pricing through the chatbot.

Service Appointment Scheduling: Allow customers to book service appointments, choosing the type of service needed and available time slots.

Banks and Financial Institutions

FAQs and Customer Queries: Our chatbots can handle common customer queries like balance inquiries, transaction history, and more.

Transactions Security: Enable secure, encrypted transactions like fund transfers through our chatbot interface.

Restaurants and Food Services

Newsletter Subscriptions: Streamline the process of newsletter subscriptions, capturing customer data for targeted marketing campaigns or use the chatbot to gain customer feedback or use it to promote special offers to drive more foot traffic into your food spot!

Table Reservations: Allow customers to make table reservations, choosing from available time slots and even specific tables if desired.

Experience Tailored AI Chatbot Solutions: Crafted Ethically, Delivered Expertly

We don't put up smoke and mirrors and we certainly don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk in every sense of that sayings meaning.

In a world where old-school marketing often means hollow words and flash without function, we stand apart.

Our dedication isn't just on paper it's shown in a handshake, our work and our willingness to work with all budgets.

It's in every chatbot we design, every strategy we employ, and every piece of content we curate. We use these chatbots ourselves, and we believe in their power so much that we offer trials for clients opting for our comprehensive services.

"With a collective experience of over thirty years covering AI, digital marketing, SEO expertise, innovative website design, and tailored startup advice, we aren’t your run-of-the-mill tech company. We are a reflection of real results, anchored in honest pricing—a homage to my cherished hometown, Grand Forks." -Jeremy Pagel (CEO)

Our Midwest spirit is at the core of all our endeavors—a relentless drive, a commitment to our community, and an integrity that never wavers.

customized chatbot solutions for orthodontic and dental practices and small local businesses in grand forks


Why Choose Our Chatbots?

Our chatbots aren’t just any digital assistants—they’re industry leaders. While many chatbots can automate basic tasks, ours drive tangible results, whether that’s capturing leads or enhancing customer service. Their multifaceted capabilities ensure that every interaction is not just a chat, but a value-driven conversation that builds relationships and brand loyalty through 'human handoff' abilities we coded into the chatbots so they can decide if they can't answer a question or the person chatting with your chatbot is getting tired of it, they can opt or choose or pick either to connect via direct phone call to a live human or even let the visitor start a one-on-one video chat with the party that is needing help.

No one else in North Dakota, marketing agencies, sudo AI implementation companies etc., even know how to do this, let alone pull it off and give it to a client while remaining 100% certain they've done all the testing and ethical challenge training so that there is no risk to the business who buys or uses one. We are in fact the only company in the state of North Dakota to offer such a unique, bussiness booming, advanced technology which we would say even competes with the amazingly intricate and technologically advanced UAS program at the University of North Dakota. Those of us who went or are going to school at UND know this...we're all leaders in action. However, these customized chatbots may just become a best friend since they will generate leads and give you the opportunity to sieze the day, take action, and build your bussiness quicker, more efficiently, and with more cost-savings and increased ROI, without sacrificing the quality of or the image of your business in our tight nit community.

What Packages Do You Offer?

At Innovative Media Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched value. Our range spans from nuanced customized chatbots to monthly SEO content deliveries and all the way to our comprehensive executive-level packages. With two out of our three top-tier packages including a complimentary chatbot, it's evident that we prioritize providing substantial value to our clients. Plus, with our special discounts for Grand Forks residents, we make cutting-edge tech accessible and affordable.

How Are You Different from Other Tech Companies?

As mentioned above in more depth perhaps, while many companies are just starting to explore the realm of AI and chatbots, we've been championing this technology for over a year already and are just getting warmed up. No wonder our CEO, Jeremy, always says, "We have no competition and I don't view any other company that says they do digital marketing, as even telling the full truth. It's utterly despicable the sales tactics that some companies use that only take advantage of their clients and we're here to call them out, expose them but only doing so by being better than the best. Being us. Finding innovative solutions to media and business and online business image challenges.

You want to know how we're different even after everything you've read so far?

Ok. Let's cut the crap and get to the point and demonstrate even further why we are not to be messed with in a realm we call home. Not just Grand Forks, ND but the whole online world is where we feel comfortable to make BIG moves like this, that will surely anger our competition and make them scratch their heads asking, 'Well, that's not possible! How did they do that?!"

After three months of intensive testing and refining, we’re confident in rolling out a service that's unparalleled in North Dakota. In fact, we're the only company in the state with the expertise to offer custom chatbot solutions—a testament to our forward-thinking and dedication to innovation.

Why Should Businesses Adopt Chatbots Now?

(Seems straightforward, right? For those tethered to obsolete strategies, here's the digital future, spelled out.)


Ushering in the AI and Digital Golden Era: The Grand Forks Vanguard: Jeremy Pagel

From the legacy of the Barcome lineage to leading Grand Forks' digital evolution, Jeremy Pagel is a force to be reckoned with. A true reflection of Odin's wisdom combined with the indomitable spirit of his Viking ancestors, Jeremy stands as the digital sentinel of progress.

Harnessing the unparalleled prowess of OpenAI chat, Jeremy's ventures are milestones in themselves. With deep expertise spanning orthodontic SEO to AI-crafted dental appointment scheduling chatbots, Jeremy's AI-driven tools—ranging from the sentient chatbot to the conversation bot to 3 separate non-existing mobile apps he has in development,—redefine business interactions.

The world of social media marketing, content marketing, and Google digital marketing are no longer frontiers but domains where Jeremy's influence reverberates. But it's not just about keywords like "ai chatbot sentient", "ai coding bot", or "google leads". It's about setting the gold standard, challenging the status quo, ensuring Grand Forks isn't just a chapter in digital history but a defining epic.

In collaborating with Jeremy and Innovative Media Solutions, you're not just investing in a service—you're becoming part of a legacy. However, Jeremy's fervor is a beacon that can guide Grand Forks to a brighter digital future, or if left unheeded, might shine elsewhere. So, Grand Forks, will you be the wind beneath these wings or just a bystander in the annals of history?

For Jeremy, it's not just business—it's a digital revolution that most people will never understand. His objective transcends the present, aiming to rejuvenate the Barcome legacy for a future where respect is earned through merit, not old money.

The digital era is here, and Jeremy is its herald in Grand Forks. Why be an observer when you can be at the forefront?

Embrace the future. Join hands with those clear in their vision and unwavering in their mission. Align with Jeremy Pagel, be part of this revolutionary journey, and let's together script a chapter of innovation, growth, and prosperity.

FAQ image

How do AI chatbots differ from traditional chatbots?

AI chatbots, like the ones we craft, are powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. They can learn from user interactions, adapt to customer needs, and provide more human-like responses. Traditional chatbots, on the other hand, often rely on pre-defined scripts and can't handle complex queries as effectively.

FAQ image

Are the chatbots created by Innovative Media Solutions compliant with data protection regulations?


Our chatbots are designed with data protection at the forefront. Not only do we ensure they're compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations, but we've also taken proactive steps to secure patient data. We've invested in a secured, private, and HIPAA compliant server, and layered on additional protection through Google Workspace. What's truly alarming is the number of marketing companies out there that carelessly expose patient information to multiple individuals. It's frankly irresponsible and downright disturbing. We take pride in being different, and possibly, we've even protected your patient data without you realizing it. Just another day at Innovative Media Solutions.

FAQ image

How can an AI chatbot benefit my specific industry or business?

AI chatbots can streamline customer service, facilitate faster responses, gather data for business insights, and provide a consistent user experience. They're versatile tools that can be tailored for various industries, from healthcare to e-commerce.

We've also listed use-cases below for your benefit and understanding that these are the now, not the future.

How do I integrate an AI chatbot into my existing digital platform or website?

Our team will handle the integration seamlessly. We'll work with your existing infrastructure to ensure the chatbot is fully functional and rooted into your system while we also offer further optimization while already giving you the keys to freedom.

FAQ image

What kind of support and updates can I expect post-deployment of the chatbot?

Innovative Media Solutions provides continuous support via live and custom-coded chatbots that we've trained on all of the failures and dilemmas presented to us in our testing phase which took nearly 3 months before even being ready to let this out of the box. We also offer periodic updates to ensure your chatbot remains at the forefront of technology, offering optimal performance and user experience. However, the chatbot will remain good for a long time. The only additional fee is for the first month ($500) because once it starts interacting with how your customers speak, messages will need to me monitored for client and customer and patient satisfaction and ease of use. We might have to throw another line or two of code into your chatbot so the tonality and writing style is perfect and so on. This is a one-time fee and if you're going to complain about that before you see the ROI, leave our company's website right now and never come back.

How does the AI chatbot handle multiple languages or regional dialects?

Our AI chatbots are equipped to handle various languages and can be trained to understand regional dialects, ensuring broader accessibility and improved customer engagement.

Can the chatbot be customized to reflect my brand's tone and personality?

Certainly. We pride ourselves on creating chatbots that not only serve functional purposes but also resonate with your brand's voice and ethos.

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Our Company Chatbot Services FAQ:

For All Ages Skill-levels

What Are The Current 4 Types of Chatbots?

What are the 4 types of chatbots?

Scripted Chatbots: Follow a set script or decision tree.

Intelligent Chatbots: Use machine learning to understand user queries.

Transactional Chatbots: Designed to complete specific tasks like booking or purchasing.

Conversational Chatbots: Aimed at providing companionship and general conversation.

What is 'Chatbots' Used For?

When it comes to the great world of automation, chatbots emerge victorious, as a leader for industry savings and customer satisfaction, while also being versatile tools, serving diverse functions that span the spectrum from tending to customer inquiries to orchestrating the intricacies of appointment scheduling, as well as the meticulous curation of valuable data. Moreover, their significance transcends these roles, as they become pivotal instruments in the intricate realms of marketing and the art of lead generation. These automated entities, through their dynamic interactions with users, engage in a symphony of tasks, continuously adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital domain.

Story-telling Illustrated (Longer Version but Visual):

In the multifaceted landscape of digital automation, chatbots emerge as versatile tools, serving diverse functions that span the spectrum from tending to customer inquiries to orchestrating the intricacies of appointment scheduling, as well as the meticulous curation of valuable data.

Picture this: a harried customer, seeking assistance on a bustling e-commerce site, finds solace in the swift and knowledgeable responses of a chatbot, effortlessly guiding them through a maze of product options.

Moreover, their significance transcends these roles, as they become pivotal instruments in the intricate realms of marketing and the art of lead generation. Imagine a small business owner, struggling to reach potential customers, who harnesses the power of a chatbot to engage with visitors on their website. Through these automated conversations, a connection is forged, trust is built, and leads are generated, paving the way for business growth.

These automated entities, through their dynamic interactions with users, engage in a symphony of tasks, continuously adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital domain. Think of them as digital chameleons, seamlessly shifting from customer support guru to appointment scheduler extraordinaire, all while collecting invaluable insights that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions for their future success.

What are Some Examples of Chatbots?

Customer Service Bots: Assist customers with inquiries and purchases on websites.

Appointment Scheduling Bots: Simplify healthcare (tele-health or dental or orthodontic or real-estate property appointment bookings. We will make what is best for your business while also giving it a lifelike partner-feel and works 24/7, 365 with no vacations, down-time etc. Our chatbots are so advanced that they can transition a chatbot conversation to a live chat with a human, directly connect through the phone or even...drumroll please...connect you to a human through a unique video chat feature which comes with all of our top of the line chatbots.

FAQ Bots: Provide quick answers to common queries in banking.

Virtual Assistants: Perform tasks using voice commands. Social

Media Chatbots: Engage and support customers on social platforms.

Lead Generation Bots: Capture and qualify potential leads.

HR and Recruitment Bots: Assist with HR processes and pre-screen job applicants while also being able to be trained on company data, these chatbots can help train new consultants, provide training to new hires, etc.

Educational Bots: Offer course info and homework help for students.

Travel Booking Bots: Help book flights and provide travel suggestions.E-commerce Recommendation Bots: Suggest personalized products for online shoppers.

Here is an illustrated version with examples of these types of chatbots:

Customer Service Bots: Think of them as 24/7 virtual store assistants. When you're shopping online and have questions or need assistance, customer service bots step in like knowledgeable shopkeepers, guiding you through product choices, addressing concerns, and making your online shopping experience smoother.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Bots: Imagine having a personal medical secretary at your fingertips. These bots work like your dedicated healthcare scheduler, helping you book doctor's appointments, confirm availability, and even send reminders for your medical visits, ensuring you receive the care you need.

Lead Generation Bots: They're like digital marketing experts on a mission. Lead generation bots actively seek out potential customers for your business, initiating conversations, asking relevant questions, and identifying individuals or businesses interested in your products or services, providing you with valuable leads for growth.

Educational Bots: Need a study buddy or quizzing partner? Picture having an intelligent study buddy who's always ready to assist. Educational bots act as your virtual tutors and study partners, offering explanations, solving problems, and providing additional learning resources to help you excel in your studies or acquire new skills.

These illustrated descriptions capture the essence of each of the most unique, helpful and valuable types of chatbots. Remember, they can all be branded and trained on any .pdf's, websites, employee handbooks, SOP's etc. Making them your ultimate business partner for the long-haul.

What is the 'Most Popular' Chatbot?

Determining the preeminent chatbot in the field can be a nuanced task. Yet, in the realm of chatbot creation, IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow undeniably emerge as prominent contenders. Envision a tech symposium, where developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators convene to explore the realm of chatbot capabilities. Within this dynamic landscape, names like IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow invariably surface as distinguished choices for crafting these digital marvels, akin to the luminous stars in a blockbuster film capturing the audience's admiration.

Security and Ethics of Using Chatbots for Your Business

Now, as we venture further into our FAQ section, we delve into the critical topics of chatbot security and ethics. Following that, we'll tackle the technical intricacies of chatbots. Lastly, we'll navigate questions that may be particularly resonant with the younger generation, bridging the gap between technology and contemporary culture.

Are Chatbots Considered AI?

Certainly, chatbots often employ AI algorithms for tasks like natural language comprehension and decision-making, aligning them with the broader realm of artificial intelligence.

Consider this scenario illustrated for better understanding: You're chatting with a virtual assistant, and it responds with remarkable accuracy to your questions, making the conversation feel incredibly natural. What's behind this impressive interaction? Many chatbots harness the power of AI algorithms for tasks like language comprehension and decision-making. This technology enables them to function as a form of artificial intelligence, enhancing the user experience in various applications.

Are AI Chatbots Safe?

Rest assured, our AI chatbots prioritize data security and privacy. They adhere to HIPAA and GDPR compliance standards, ensuring your information remains confidential.

What are the Potential Downsides of Chatbots?

It's important to note that poorly designed chatbots can sometimes provide inaccurate information, leading to frustrating user experiences. That's why it's important to partner up with a service provider who has extensive knowledge of customizing chatbots for businesses, a company that doesn't make false promises because we know what happens when it all comes to a head, and more.

It's also important to note that while you're reading this, advancements are happening in the chatbot world for businesses. Testing of ethics, testing of security-level, testing of this newish (we've all seen the old-school chatbots that just take up to much space and never answer your question, right?) and more certainly more advanced form of human interaction and communication between themselves with a chatbot acting as the best bridge and resource in the world for your business.

Can Using Chatbots Lead to Legal Issues?

Yes, utilizing chatbots for deceptive practices or to infringe upon privacy laws can result in legal consequences.

Indeed, using chatbots in a deceptive manner or violating privacy laws can lead to significant legal ramifications. Let's delve into a real-world scenario to illustrate this:

Scenario: Unauthorized Data Harvesting

Imagine a scenario where a rogue business competitor decides to employ a chatbot with unethical intentions. Their goal is to scrape customer data from a popular e-commerce platform, aiming to gain an unfair advantage in the market.

The chatbot, designed to mimic human interactions, begins engaging with unsuspecting customers, extracting sensitive information like email addresses, purchase history, and even credit card details. As these activities come to light, it becomes evident that the chatbot is operating with malicious intent.

In response to this breach of privacy and data security, the affected customers and the e-commerce platform take legal action against the business competitor. The legal consequences are severe, resulting in substantial financial penalties, damage to the company's reputation, and potential legal actions filed by affected customers.

This scenario underscores the importance of ethical chatbot usage and adherence to privacy laws.

So yes, there are downsides to inexperienced or careless users, sellers or builders can cause. Another reason to team up with an experienced company with extensive connections and partnerships with several chatbot companies that we have in order to get you the best prices and deals, while providing the best experience. It is an unfortunate truth that Chatbots, when used unethically or unlawfully, can have far-reaching consequences for both businesses and individuals, emphasizing the need for responsible and lawful deployment of this technology.

So, buyer and seller be warned, however if you choose to work with us, we take extra measures to ensure safe, HIPAA compliant data transfer, secured servers and no selling of information (any at all) to third-party sites or companies for data mining or more sinister activities.

Why Can Chatbots be a Source of Controversy?

Chatbots may become controversial if they are employed for deceptive purposes or inadvertently cross ethical or social boundaries.

FAQ's For the Younger Aged Generation

This section is for people of a younger persuasion who may already be wrapped up in the world of chatbots. These FAQ's are fitted and tailored to that audience.

Can Chatbots Communicate Verbally?

Indeed, some advanced chatbots possess text-to-speech capabilities, enabling them to engage in spoken conversations. These are some of the types of chatbot solutions that our company in Grand forks, Innovative Media Solutions LLC., can help with!

How are chatbots practically used in everyday life?

Chatbots serve a variety of roles, from aiding in customer service interactions to collecting data and even providing mental health support.

Are chatbots akin to social robots?

Although they lack a physical presence, chatbots can be regarded as digital social robots due to their interactions with humans in the virtual realm.

FAQ's For Any Human of an Older Age

These FAQ's were personally tailored to your demographic and help to explain things a bit further, without making assumptions that you're a techy nerd who knows everything about the current AI and Digital revolution in 2023.

Does Alexa Eavesdrop on Conversations?

Yes, Alexa listens for its designated wake word and subsequently records your query to process it accordingly.

How Can You Identify a Chatbot in Conversation?

Detecting a chatbot may involve noticing a lack of contextual understanding or receiving generic responses that do not precisely address your query.

What Strategies Can be Employed to Outsmart a Chatbot?

Outsmarting a chatbot could entail posing intricate questions that demand a human-like grasp of context and understanding. You could also have it attempt to explain complex human attributes like 'what does human thought consist of at a molecular level' or keep trying phrases (really, I mean people like us have to train them so if you find a phrase we didn't catch, you can outsmart one or just run into a dead end and be connected with a human.)

Why do Companies Block Chatbots?

Companies may opt to block chatbots when they engage in data scraping activities or violate terms of service agreements, preserving the integrity of their platforms.

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